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John Grillo

John was born and raised in Gravesend Brooklyn, NY and still resides in his childhood home which has become five generations strong after the birth of his grandson.

Raised in church by his parents and by the age of 18 had his first encounter with the Holy Spirit although, he really didn't understand it at the time..

John gave his life to the Lord at the age of 25 and has served Him in different capacities ever since.

Together with his wife Sandra, he has been the Program Director for "Alpha", an evangelical and discipleship program which witnessed countless numbers of people come to know and grow in the Lord for almost 20 years.

God's calling into ministry runs in John's family as his children, nieces, nephews, and other members in his family serve the Lord in different capacities, including his two brothers who are both in pastoral ministry - one in Las Vegas, NV and the other in Florida.


Sandra Grillo

Sandra was born, Sandra Nieves in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico.

As a child, her family moved to Philadelphia and eventually to the Lower East Side of NYC.

Raised in a Spanish Pentecostal home, along side her mother in the kitchen, she was already cooking for her family by the age of 5.

An avid cook and accomplished baker, these early roots explain why she is often seen in the kitchen singing unto the Lord while she prepares a meal for her family or one of her delicious desserts - such as her famous but decadent carrot


Either preparing a meal for herself and her husband, a holiday feast for family, or dinner for 75 at Alpha. Sandra moves graciously in the gifts of Hospitality & Compassion, among others.


Nellie Quintana

Nellie was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY where she developed and pursued a career in business management.  She began her career at IBM as a programmer where she began to establish her operational and leadership skills which led her to various COO and CEO positions in various companies. Nellie earned her bachelor's degree in business administration from Baruch College and acquired a hunger for the word of God through business principles which are founded on the Word..

This eventually led her to training church leadership where she enjoys developing and mentoring ministry leaders.  

Nellie is passionate about serving the Lord and has joined the team at BOOM NYC to help create and develop passionate, driven leaders and teach the living word of God.

She is married to Jae Mercado and together they have two amazing daughters, Stephanie and Gina and one adorable furry son named Kasi.

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