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BOOM CAMP is where men come together to share victories and common struggles without being judged.  A place where they are comfortable to be themselves outside of home - Jose Perez, Pastor


At BOOM CAMP, real men fear God, real men love God and each other in support, respect and honor...

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Men's Conference

Men are expected to figure life out and usually left alone to battle life's challenges and at times without anyone to celebrate those special moments that identify who they are.  With God and other men who love God and aren't afraid to say so, men have a place to do life together at BOOM CAMP.

Real men love God and each other without competing in real life. Life has it's own challenges and is meant to be shared together with others that can cheer you on. Does that mean we don't ever compete? Absolutely not, we were created to be the best we can be. Except, we were not created to step over each other to get there.

At BOOM CAMP, men will find other men who are willing to come together to seek God's guidance for life in God, family, work or school and become warriors in their area of influence.

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