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Women's Ministry



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Welcome to FearLess, where YOU are loved!

FearLess Women's Ministry, is a place where women are free to worship, talk, laugh, cry and truly be yourselves without being judged. To help guide and pray for one another through difficult times.  A place where trust is built.


FearLess Women's Ministry, is a tool to help empower women in the areas you are most weak in.  A place to hear and understand the gospel, ask questions, unite, pray together and love one another. As a part of FearLess, we will stand together against domestic violence, rape, insecurity and molestation in 

Jesus Holy name.

Since FearLess is a place for healing and restoration, I asked the Lord what He wanted and the vision that He placed in my heart was to serve any woman that is willing to come and receive.


 FearLess is a ministry that is meant to impact God's kingdom in a greater way. Therefore, we will invite and yes, we will do outreach. Whether the women come from BOOM|NYC or other walks of life, they are more than welcome into our safe place.


Our creed is, no woman will be left behind or bound but instead set free. FearLess is a ministry, that will be guided by God and His Holy Spirit.

A ministry, where fear is broken off and women can become FearLess.


- Sabrina Sanchez-Perez, Pastor

FearLess | Marine Park Campus | Spring 2
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