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Alpha at Body of One Ministries NYC

Goal: To provide an opportunity and atmosphere to have an encounter with the Living God while  developing a relationship with Him and other individuals who are at various points along the same path. 

What: A series of gathering together, exploring the Christian faith – typically run eleven weeks. Each week looks at a different question around the Christian faith, designed to create conversation. Alpha, formalized in 1990. A global ministry that runs in 169 countries and translated into 112 languages. Alpha is taught by all the major Christian denominations.

Why: Many people believe that God exists. Alpha starts out asking the question, “If God exists, what does that mean to me today?”.   Countless cultures and points of view look at God from different perspectives and for differing purposes. But there is only one God, one truth.  He is the truth and directs us to follow Him. Alpha searches out that truth, for the ultimate purpose, leading each into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How: Creating an atmosphere of comfort and trust provides an opportunity for relationships to develop. We start by sharing a meal. A short teaching follows the meal – each teaching built off the previous weeks. At the completion of each teaching, everyone gathers with the group they ate with and a group leader to discuss the topic.  The table leader helps to keep the discussion on topic. The table leader has been trained to facilitate conversation only, not to teach the topic. The intent is for participants to explore each topic, interact and discuss it with each other.  The reason for this is simple. If a person is “taught” something they may or may not receive it or accept it. However, when an individual has their own ah-ha moment, that becomes part of what they believe, and in turn, part of their character. More so, when a person receives a revelation from God, no man can alter his understanding of it.

Who: A diverse group can make up the Alpha staff. From “Seasoned Christians” serving the Lord many years, to new believers. Alpha provides a ministry of evangelism and discipleship. Sharing the gospel with those who do not know the Lord; and teaching or discipling new believers in the ways of God. In this way, long time believers and new believers share the journey. As, Christianity is a journey, not a destination.

Where: Historically, Alpha is held in churches, homes, meeting rooms, offices, and several other venues. Due to the current environment, Alpha will be held in our homes. Each home will have a maximum of 16 participants and 2 leaders or as authorities allow at the time. As the need increases for additional participants, additional homes and leaders will be added.

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