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BOOM | NYC | Membership Class
BOOM | NYC | Membership Class

✅ See “About Event” for more info


🎥 A BOOM Zoom Call

BOOM | NYC | Membership Class

We work really hard to bring events, teachings and create an atmosphere where you don’t feel like an outsider but real family. We are currently developing a class for everyone who’s ready to “officially” do life together with us through biblical church covenant.

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✅ See “About Event” for more info

🎥 A BOOM Zoom Call

About the Event

Hey BOOM FAM, we’re excited to let you know that we are creating a Membership Class. This class will help you understand why we do what we do and what is your role in this community.

“Membership is often misunderstood, misapplied or not applied at all”

🛑 Membership?

Usually, we think of membership like belonging to some type of organization or club, like a gym membership. In a gym, you’ll most likely see some familiar faces if you remain consistent and it’s usually at the same time period - mornings, evenings or for the bold and committed, lunch time.

In the Bible, Paul described the church as a body. In 1 Corinthians he said, we are “members of the body.”

Imagine losing a member of your body…the simple thought of that is not even remotely funny. So, how is it that we don’t take membership in the most “elite“ club seriously? Members are lost regularly and many times without any effort to find out why.

✅ Here are some examples of what you can learn in a good church membership class:

Is Biblical Membership Relevant Today?

Membership is not about just belonging to a group or organization. It’s actually a biblical statement of saying, “I’m in covenant with a church”. The Bible instructs us not to forsake the gathering of the saints. We’ve taken this scripture and have interpreted it as meaning, “we can go to church and even church-hop from church to church without becoming members because we’re too busy or churches nowadays can’t be trusted anyway”.

Why church membership is biblical and important.

1. Membership At BOOM Reflects Who We Are.

Membership reflects the existing community

within the body. The body can’t continue to exist as if no other members matter. Jesus himself said, “a kingdom divided will not stand“. In other words, it loses authority. Doesn’t this seem like the current situation of many churches in the western world? Divided and powerless to help a lost and dying world.

✅ It’s time for the body of Christ to return to the way church was during the book of Acts, also known as, “the Acts of the Apostles“. Membership is unity which is so much more than being together. It’s doing life together, in one Spirit, like-mindedness and going in the same direction as Jesus Christ. To reject the value of membership is to neglect what God has already established as His body.

2. The Covenant Community.

In today’s culture, it can be difficult properly shepherd a church Unless you establish membership. By understanding covenant, you not only know what’s expected of you but also, that above all, your shepherds (pastor’s & elders), are held accountable to God. It’s not only a blessing to protect the flock (member) but in their best interest. Todays Pastor’s have a challenge with the people, ”the shepherds can’t technically protect them because they’re not part of their flock”.

“The Bible tells us that sheep don’t know what they need”. It’s also what God calls His people in scripture…”

3. Believers need church membership.

As Christians, believers need to be linked to a Christian community. There’s no such thing as nomad Christianity. If Satan can get you to believe that you don’t need to be a church member eventually, he can persuade you to believe you don’t need God. You may not think it’s possible right now but think for a moment how so many churches have emptied out and yet, in places like Africa where demonic activity is common knowledge, churches aren’t big enough and many people listen from outside, even in the rain - oh, and for many hours.

🛑 God has a kingdom. “He is righteous and His kingdom has a community of believers where we function as God’s people”.

Membership Matters

As believers, we gave our lives to Christ in exchange for His but as members of His body we should “covenant“ with a church and become the community of believers that have chosen to live by godly principles and standards.

Let’s be clear, Membership isn’t part of salvation. It does however, help us to mature in Christ. As church members we should experience changed lives in Christ and be able to express the value of membership.



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  • BOOM | NYC | Membership Class

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